Tuesday, 23 January 2018

My New Vid "Too Much TV" - January 23, 2018

Please welcome my video "Too Much TV" from my new album "The Veil".  Thank you and enjoy!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

My New Album "The Veil" - January 19, 2018

I am pleased to release my first album of 2018 titled "The Veil", now available on Bandcamp for purchase/streaming.

While composing "The Veil", I have allowed the intuitive personality and voice of each synthesizer to express their drones and soft noises while guiding me through the creative process of composing each musical piece. There are no pre or post-production special sound effects, change pitch, sound editing, samples, excessive compression or noise reduction utilized on this album. On the contrary, in order to preserve the synth-soul of each instrument and while programming their sounds, I have encouraged each synth's voice to sing and shine through as they were originally designed to do.

Composed on the ARP Odyssey Mk 1 Model 2800 Electronic Music Synthesizer, DSI Mopho, Korg Vocoder.

Field recordings are static from a 70s vintage portable TV and reverb from a Yamaha guitar amp.

My 2018 Favorite Documentary Films

Greetings documentary film buffs and welcome to "My 2018 Favorite Documentary Films".  Stay tuned for regular updates and feel free to recommend your faves.  My TV is always on.  Cheers!

Great Escape at Dunkirk (2018) – Archaeologists and divers recover remains of ships and planes lost during WWII’s epic Dunkirk operation.  Included: evidence of the ingenious technology that helped save allied forces from defeat from the encircling Germans.  For NOVA.

Beyond the Infinite (Kubrick's Odyssey II - Secrets Hidden in the films of Stanley Kubrick) (2012) - In this deeply provocative examination of Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey, filmmaker and researcher Jay Weidner reveals that besides being a great science fiction move, 2001 is also a multi-layered revelation concerning the human condition and our place in the universe.

David Bowie Serious Moonlight (1981-2006) - Filmed live at the Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, B.C. Canada in 1983 with extras including the Ricochet Documentary on Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok (a film featuring the Far East segment of the Serious Moonlight tour.

From Straight to Bizarre – Zappa, Beefheart, Alice Cooper and LA’s Lunatic Fringe (2011) – Desperate to remove himself from his original deal with Verve Records in 1968, Frank Zappa set up the Bizarre and Straight labels in league with manager Herb Cohen, and so began a string of releases which remain extraordinary in the extreme.

UFO Conspiracy: Hunt for the Truth (2017) - Examining the long history of allegations involving alien phenomena and their supposed government cover-up.  For The History Channel.

Vikings - The Real Warriors (2014) - Discover exciting new insights as historia Neil Oliver digs for clues.  You'll travel to archaelogical sites in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, where Norsemen launch expeditions and raids.  Watch in amazement as the warriors settle Britain, Iceland and Greenland and transform themselves illiterate pagans into Christian farmers, statesmen and kings--all in less than 200 years!  The dramatic truth behind the legends will change your understanding of Vikings forever.

Pink Floyd - 1971 A period of Transition (2014) - Having released their first record in 1967 when Syd Barrett was chief composer in the ranks, Pink Floyd followed this generally praised work with a move towards prog-rock experimentalism and after Barrett agreed to leave the band before the release of their sophomore album, the group - now with Dave Gilmour filling in the hold Syd's departure had created - released a couple of records which even the band themselves were somewhat less than happy with.

Earth Flight (2014) - David Tennant narrates this exhilarating adventure filmed over four years with help from camera-carrying birds, drones, paragliders and remote control micro-flight planes. Feel your heart pound as you scramble with snow geese to escape the talons of a bald eagle over North America.  Glide with cranes over Venice and the white cliffs of Dover, among others.  This wondrous aerial spectacle will make your spirits soar!  

The Untold Story of the 90s Part I (2017) - The way technology, media and politics collided during the early 90s to lead to the world as known today is delved into featuring the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Gulf War, 24 hour live news coverage, the Rodney King tape, Bill Clinton wins, the L.A. riots, satellite politics, Netscape Navigator, NCSA Mosaic and Alta Vista.

The Untold Story of the 90s Part II (2017) - the rise of gay rights, the fall of traditional media and the move to online connections are explored featuring the Government shutdown, the beginning of partisan politics, the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the murder of Matthew Shepard, Napster, the 2000 election, the rise of Al-Qaeda and 9-11.

Forks Over Knives (2011) - Forks Over Knives examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict usu can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods. Written and directed by Lee Fulkerson.

The Other F Word (2011) - Revealing, hilarious and touching, The Other F Word asks, "What happens when a generation ultimate anti-authoritarians - punk rockers - become society's ultimate authorities - fathers??"  With a large chorus of punk's leading men - Mark Hoppus, Flea, Tim McIIraith, this film follows Jim Lindbergh, a 20 year veteran of the skate punk band Pennywise, through his hysterical and moving from belting his band's anthem "F--k Authority" to embracing his newfound role in mid-life, fatherhood.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

"Mangod" - A Teaser from "The Veil" - January 02, 2018

"Mangod" is a teaser from my soon to be released album "The Veil".  The music has been composed on my ARP Odyssey MKII, DSI MoPho and Korg Vocoder.  Original photo by Nicole Fortin and enhanced by myself.  Enjoy!