Saturday, 31 January 2015

January Releases from the Global Music Underground

Newsflash! Glasklinge Zeitenlicht has been very busy in January!  Listen, download and share his new releases “Eisenlager Ver Tont”, “Himmelholzsteg 1” and “MidnightRadio Compilation 34”.

 "Eisenlager Ver Tont" – Compilation by Glasklinge Zeitenlicht


01. 159
02. hurt
03. murnaus's klagen
04. das ding1
05. apollo13
06. la la knacks
07. helga deen
08. bonus title1: smells like metal (remixt von duesterheit)
09. bonus title2: das ding2

Himmelholzsteg Project
Himmelholzsteg” will be Eisenlager’s platform for collaborations with other musicians.  Send him a draft, a final track, a drone or a soundscape.  He will finish it and include it in the running Himmelholzsteg project.  Send to via or any other service.  Please send him your artist name, your track in WAV, FLAC or mp3, if possible, website links and reference the Himmelholzsteg project.

Listen to Himmelholzsteg 1 here:
Get your free download here:

MidnightRadio Compilation 24

Cool new look for the MidnightRadio Compilation site!  Listen, download for free and share the new MidnightRadio Compilation 34.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

2015 Year of the Sheep

Wondering what’s in store for you for this year of the Sheep?  Check out these links for your daily personal overviews on romance, business, career, travel, etc.  Let astrology help you navigate the unknown waters of 2015!

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