Monday, 13 April 2015

MidnightRadio Compilation - April Releases

The recently-released 45-track MRC “Julia Beautiful Julia Edition 2015” is a special edition in honor of Julia Zimt and her collaboration on the MidnightRadio Compilation project with Glasklinge Zeitenlich.  This talented and beautiful lady has been gracing the covers of the compilation since September 2013.  She is a photographer, musician, cover girl model and does the graphic cover art and layout for each compilation cover. 


My track "Kontakte (With the Divine)" on Julia Beautiful Julia.



Wednesday, 1 April 2015

MidnightRadio Compilation - Album Covert Art - March 2015

Here's some of my fave artists' album cover art from recent MidnightRadio Compilations.  Enjoy!   
The SKIP - Fancy Style

CorvusMukuro Proyect - Qanta poem

delaytape - haunted house

Extacy - Kill A DJ

Morogh - Anam

Proyecto Lazarus - Lost In Time

StarSpaceDrive - COUCH SHIP

Sylphides - Cowboy Ninja

Friday, 27 March 2015

X-TG "Desertshore" and "The Final Report"

For all you TG/X-TG and Chris and Cosey fans, have a look at this link for info on this collector’s item double vinyl, double CD, digital downloads and special edition double white vinyl albums of X-TG’s “Desertshore” and “The Final Report”.  I particularly enjoyed “frieze”, the video footage of Chris and Cosey explaining how Peter Christopherson’s original December 2006 proposal to do a cover version of Nico’s 1970 album “Desertshore” album led them to taking it up before his death in 2010 and “I Live With Wires”, an indepth look at how Chris Carter created TG’s original sound throughout the 70s and 80s using his custom-built modular synths and Chris and Cosey’s musical progression to date.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Berlin Sculptress Mona Fuchs

During my stay in Berlin in the mid-1980s, I was fortunate enough to meet Mona Fuchs through the Das CassetenCombinat crew.  Mona was a sculptress who welded pieces of scrap gears, automobile parts, bicycle wheels, rebar, air filters, pitchforks and other metal together into minimalist metal art.  She was gracious enough to exhibit an installation of her artworks for one of my live performances.  Here are some photos taken at her atelier and video stills of how I integrated her sculptures into my performance.




Sunday, 15 March 2015

MidnightRadio Compilation 36

Spring is in the air with the new release of MidnightRadio Compilation 36.  There’s lots of Ambient/Dark Ambient/Dark Wave on this release and some exceptional cover artwork.  Listen, download and share with your buddies!  Have a good one!

Stone Wired "End Is Not The End".  The Light Consuming Darkness is a primordial history of the Universe, in particular that time when Light is darkest, the ancient balance as a concept collapses and systematically loses its essence and reality.



Phrozenlight "Ripples of Time".  Formed in 1995, Dutch musician Phrozenlight aka Bert Hulshoff, creates electronic spacemusic and ambient soundscapes, often with a "Berlin-school" influence.  Many of his pieces are created as live improvisations on analogue equipment or computer software, with little studio editing afterward.



Mortun Exabyss "solarvoid". Thence Come the Man Falling In The Abyss...mortumExabyss is a Hungarian Dark Ambient project since 1997.  The entire musical concept of the project based on high fidelity and top quality field recordings.  all these elements are processed through analog and digital gears to gain the final form of the sound.


Hagen von Bergen "Café BIZ-A 2".  In seinem kleinen aber feinen Projekt-Studio "Klanganstalt Bergen" produziert Frank Schußler unter dem Namen Hagen von Bergen elektronische Musik, die in keine Schublade past.  Ambient, Dark Ambient, Elektronik, Industrial, Experimental, Psychedelic, Hunsbuggelteschno. 

Human Vault "all must be gone".  Human Vault is an Electro Dark Industrial Project from the USA... Currently any of its releases are not available for digital download... yet all of them were released by Exabyss Records since 1998 (7 CD album plus 1 CD Maxi).  This Track "All Must Be Gone" is taken from the newest album titled "Existence Means Nothing".  The CD run is strictly limited to 50 copies and a few left only to go...;-). Music and Vocal, Lyrics is mortum !

Lutz Thuns "Daydream No. 9". Lutz Thuns, 1958 in Berlin geboren. Ausbildung als Porzellanmaler. Elektronische Musik seit 2008 mit digitalen und virtuell analogen Synthesizern. Veröffentlichungen bei YouTube seit 2012.

The very original and unique SPACE BRANE "Tea Time on Miranda". SPACE BRANE began in 2011 as an experimental music project of Crystal Awareness and Paul Nicholson (aka Paul-E).  As of 2013, Space Brane became a trio with the addition of Dwight Loop.  All three have a passion for electronic music, from the rootstock of Subotnik, Carlos, Beaver & Krause and later to Cluster, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream to the modern composers and producers of today. As stated above, SPACE BRANE began in 2011.

The tinopener’s art "fall into your arms". Infos about project: Addicted to electronic sounds, the tinopener's art combine finest electronica in different urban styles. Their texts are sometimes surrealistic, sometimes sinister and obscure. As a total work of art, every song gets its own cover artwork. As the project's name implies: art never comes from nothing. Instead it surrounds us all embedded in our culture. Thus, it's a matter of finding and opening the right "tins" to combine them and create new art - based on the sound of electronic music.


Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Ramones – Live at German Television – The Musikladen Recordings

I’d thought I had heard every Ramones record but when I recently received the 1978/79 Musikladen Recordings LP in 180 gram vinyl plus the live DVD, I was blown away.  Not only is the record remarkable considering it was recorded live using late 70s technology, but the DVD includes an additional 14 minutes of material and is a nice touch to this collector's item. The gatefold cover art depicts the live show and close-ups of the band in grainy VHS video stills.  The Ramones play 25 songs in under 50 minutes with only Dee Dee Ramon’s iconic rapid fire “1-2-3-4” as a breather between takes.  That left a stunning 2:00 minutes or under for each song.  The band starts with “Rockaway Beach” and storms through the set list with a ferocity that only the Ramones were capable of, ending with “We Are A Happy Family”. 

Here’s a few of my fave Musikladen vid clips.


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Vikings – Season 3 Premier “Mercenary”

I got my fill of the terrific tv series “Vikings” starting with the Season 2 marathon, then with Behind The Shield Wall and topping off with the Season 3 premiere “Mercenary”. Episode 1 opens with Lagertha consulting with The Seer and receiving a foreboding and ominous prophecy.  After killing King Horik in the Season 2 finale, Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok rises to become king of the Viking tribes of medieval Scandinavia.  King Ragnar sails his longships back to Wessex to claim the 5,000 acres of farmland promised to him by King Ecbert.  Amongst his army are his first wife Earl Lagertha, his son Bjorn and Bjorn’s love interest the warrior Porunn.  In Wessex, Ragnar once again leads his forces into battle as allies to King Ecbert.